Murdered Voices

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The injustice orchestrated by lab chemist Annie Dookhan was first revealed five years ago, after she had been working for the Massachusetts state drug lab for nearly a decade to help prosecutors, in her words, get drug dealers “off the streets.” Then the lab chemist once called “superwoman” for her exceptional speed running tests told state police that she had “screwed up big-time.”
In the year that followed, authorities would call into question the convictions of tens of thousands of drug cases handled by Dookhan in the Massachusetts state drug lab.

There was a reason she was so fast, it turned out: She eventually told investigators she tripled the productivity rates of her colleagues by not actually testing all the drugs that came before her, forging her co-workers’ initials and mixing drug samples so that her shoddy analysis matched the results she gave prosecutors.  click title to read more...

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