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It is my pleasure to introduce to you a new author by the name of Gloria Lee.  She is a woman of survival, determination, and indomitable strength.  Her entire life has been dedicated to overcoming obstacles and winning.   She has survived a heart operation and breast cancer, weathering several surgeries over a scant few years.  She believes in mastering her circumstances.   Her mother taught her losing was not an option.  A person is to work at a problem until that problem is overcome or death arrives.  She is a woman who comes from a humble childhood and obtained her first job at the age of 7.  She earned her first dollar walking the streets with her grand aunt pushing a cart collecting scrap metal and cardboard.   Her second after school jobs were sweeping and cleaning a barber shop and a pool hall.  The young Gloria began a life long love affair with literature at an early age that has manifested into the book you now hold in your hand. 
     In 1963, Gloria enlisted in the U.S. Air Force.  In 1976 she was an aid worker with the International Red Cross.  Working in Malaysia and Indonesia, she helped rescue ethnic Chinese refugees arriving in boats from Vietnam.   Imagine being on a small boat rescuing people and you cannot swim.  When she returned home she donated her time to tutoring young children in both math and reading.  Gloria knows the ups and downs of life.  She has gone from being an owner of a successful business to living a year with her young son in her car.  Her vast experience as an aid worker, soldier, an administrator, and a homeless person prepared her as a writer.  You will truly enjoy her method of introducing subjects such as prostitution, religion, murder, adultery, and incest.  Her books are filled with so much information you will want to reread her books just to make certain you did not miss anything.    She deliberately introduces information to help save lives. 
     Her passion for writing, reading, and most of all, justice for the weakest in our society, shines through in her work.  My personal favorite has yet to be released.  That would be the series “Do This In Remembrance of Me.”  These eight volumes discuss the murders of over 20,000 American women.  Through her research, Gloria has dissected how violence plagues our society, and what everyone can do to empower themselves.  You may find her work chilling and you may be surprised, but what makes Gloria Lee’s writing so endearing is she is speaking from a place of authenticity that few writers can claim.  This is why I find I can seldom put her books down. 

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