Murdered Voices

Sunday, April 20, 2014

I write this email out of love and respect for all black women yet my objective is to save lives.  I have spent the last 15 years of my life researching and working to save lives.  Please attend the function mentioned in the attached flyer.  The information shared during this meeting can save your life.  Research has shown that Black women are the first women in this country to die of violence, HIV/Aids and Breast Cancer.  The reason for many of these deaths is lack of knowledge; some Black women walk around with blinders on in a state of denial.  Black women assume because they are not mentioned in the newspapers most of the women killed in this country are White, therefore they need not worry.  Black women assume they can take care of themselves when it comes to a fight with their boyfriend.  All of these assumptions are false and black women are dying in droves.  Black women bring unrelated males in the home that not only cause their deaths but the death of their children. And Black women do not make it a habit to avail themselves of information that can not only save their lives but the lives of all females in their family.   Do you know why Eastern Michigan University was fined by the US Dept. of Education, and why three top administrators - President John Fallon, Vice President for Student Affairs Jim Vick and Public Safety Director Cindy Hall ­- were ousted in 2007 and a family was paid 2.5 million dollars?  Do you know what the CDC has to say about the proliferation of venereal diseases on college campuses in the south? Do you know if the 2012 murder of Julia Niswender been solved?  If you do not know this information you should, many of you are parents that will be sending your children off to college.

    Stop thinking you are all that and a bag of chips.  You are not.  Men are trained as boys in the art of warfare and how to conduct blitz attacks on women.   Attend this function and get information that will save your life and the lives of your children.  Children do not fair well once their mothers die. Some children become angry and self destructive. Stop your children from going to prison or beginning a life of prostitution. There are a huge number of black children in foster care because of the death of their mother and foster care is where pimps go to select their future prostitutes. If you want to guarantee the future of your children, then stay alive long enough for your children to become adults.

     Come out for this affair and show that black women can work together for the betterment of themselves. Demonstrate that we are not all filled with jealousy, envy and self hatred.   Help me get the word out. Forward this message to five black women that you love. You may help save a woman’s life by your action.  You can purchase your ticket at the door.  The money raised will provide free tutoring for children who cannot read. 

     My friend, Terry Redwine, has worked hard to make this a successful affair. Come out and support her in her effort to enlighten women and to raise funds to teach Black children to read.  

God Bless,

Gloria G. Lee, Spokesperson for Touched By The Light Foundation

P.S. The first woman murdered in the state of Michigan in 2014 was a black woman. She was murdered January 1, 2014